Annual Seminar - A Success!! (photos & links) February 28, 2014

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 A good audience
Gary Fox is amazed (mesmerized)!
Volunteers make the world go round
Two books and a thumbdrive
High quality presenters (Halley Fitzpatrick & Rick Miller), and Chairman Jim Avery
Yet, even more high quality presenters (Eric Leber & Ron France)


Vendor booths

When you thought it wasn't possible

Even more high quality presenters (Mike Stone & John Taecker).  

The code of the future, covered.

Thank you all for attending!
See you next year. 

A special thanks to our volunteers Jack Lin, Jim Avery, Gary Fox, Bob Formicola, Finn Schenck, Brandon Yee, Elizabeth Waldren, Benjamin Rosenfeld, Jamie Fox, Ali Vakili, Ray Holstead, Nick Weil, and Sonny Siu