Codes, Standards and Listings - Who requires what, and why

February 25th, 2013  Dinner Meeting

John Taecker of Underwriters Laboratories

Topic: Codes, Standards and Listings - Who requires what, and why
There are many installation codes and product testing standards that apply to products. How can you determine what codes and standards effect your product? What reliable resources are available? Does the installation code influence the testing standard, or does the standard influence the code? How are codes and standards developed, and are there any opportunities to provide input? What products are required to be Listed? Why are the products required to be Listed? Learn who requires products to be certified by a third-party agency, what requirements are used, how a product is certified, and where information about certifications can be found. Discussion will include both the safety requirements, but also the new requirements under development for sustainable ("green") buildings and energy efficiency.

Biography: John Taecker, P.E. has worked for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for 29 years. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and is a California Registered Professional Engineer in Safety Engineering. He has served on various building, mechanical, and plumbing code development committees, and actively participates in all levels of the code development process for ICC and IAPMO. He is a nationally recognized speaker on electrical, building, mechanical, and plumbing products and installations. 

Building: Sinbad's Restaurant
Pier 2 The Embarcadero
San Francisco,  California
United States 94111

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 Date: 25-February-2014
Time: 05:30PM to 08:30PM (3.00 hours)